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Tim Shaw Insurance

Tim Shaw Insurance

Tim Shaw Insurance was founded in 1974 by Tim Shaw.  We are local and have served the communities of Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte for four decades writing Home owners insurance along with auto insurance.

Hi I'm Tim Shaw and I am proud to be considered one of the premier Independent Agents in South West Florida. Our employees have over 200 combined years of experience in solving home insurance problems by using our Protection First System of first identifying risks and then developing a plan to protect you with the most coverage for your insurance dollar.

Seems simple enough right, well not so, you see the Direct Writers like Geico, Progressive, State Farm and Allstate have convinced most shoppers that it's all about price, you've seen the commercials, "Give me 15 minutes and I will save you 15%".

Insurance has been turned into a commodity like milk and bread. I can tell you though that strategy has cost hundreds even thousands of people to lose all of their lifelong accumulated assets in one afternoon in the courtroom.

Buying home or auto insurance is serious stuff. Every time you back out of your driveway, all of your assets are riding in that front seat with you. Make one little mistake and there all gone. With proper planning and a willingness to pay a little more than just the cheapest price for home insurance is all that's needed to avoid losing everything. However, ignoring that part of the process is very serious and dangerous to your financial future.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that the insurance agent you trust with insuring your home and auto and other assets will actually have your best interest above their own selfish interest in making another sale?  Well, you can have that here at Tim Shaw Insurance. I received my Certified Insurance Counselor designation in 1984 (30 years ago) less than 8% of all agents in the country have this certification. That is why I developed the "Protection First Strategy" that focuses on protection first, then the best price. Additionally, I pay all my agents a fair salary with benefits which takes away the incentive that commissioned agents have of having to make the sale. Our employees will get paid even if you don't become one of our clients. This is why you will get the best advice and consultation from the employees at Tim Shaw Insurance over most of your other choices out there.

Also, we represent ALL of the carriers writing home insurance in Florida so there really isn't a need to shop around and get three prices. We will give you all 21 of them. With Identity Theft growing at three digit levels, you should take care of how many places you give out your personal information. Here at Tim Shaw Insurance, we protect your identity by being compliant with HIPPA and the Sarbanes-Oxley act.

Lastly, after 4 decades we know what most of you want;

  1. A knowledgeable agent that will provide a hassle free experience.
  2. An agent that will educate as well as protect you and your stuff.
  3. One that you can reach when you need them.
  4. One that will place you with a reputable and financially sound  carrier that will show up after your claim with their checkbook.
  5. And of course, pricing that's within your window of acceptance.

You will get all of this at Tim Shaw Insurance, we have been providing this service for 40 years and it is where we hang our hat.

Tim Shaw, CIC


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Tim Shaw Insurance
Tim Shaw Insurance















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