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Are you looking for a good Auto Insurance Company with good rates? Look no further than Tim Shaw Insurance. We have been protecting your neighbors and friends for nearly 40 years since 1974. Tim Shaw started his agency with the same values he learned from the dairy farm he grew up on in Southern Michigan. He left the farm at age 18 and started his insurance career at age 22.

What you will get at Tim Shaw Insurance are the friendliest agents in all of Southwest Florida. Tim believes in the old fashion way of doing business and that is welcoming everyone as you would a guest in your home.

Back to insurance, Tim believes that honesty is the only policy and demands honesty and integrity from his employees in dealing with his clients and prospects. You will get honest advice, honest rates, and above and beyond service whenever you need it, even if that means we stay late.

We wish we could promise the same from all agents in our area, but as with any other profession, we have our bad apples too. Our best advice is to only buy insurance from an agent that doesn't rely on the commission he/she receives from writing your account. Here at Tim Shaw Insurance, our agents are all paid a very good salary and get paid even if you don't do business with us. Our employees have no temptations to exaggerate the truth or low ball the rate to get you signed knowing full well you will get billed the balance like these bad apples do. These renegades are hopping by renewal you will have forgotten their mistake and in reality, most of you do.

I hope you give us a call and see what we can do for you. Our number is 239-939-1010.

Below, you will find some frequently asked questions about auto insurance from our shoppers. I hope this helps you in deciding who to call.

How much Liability Coverage do I need?

The old rule of thumb was enough to equal your net worth. That is no longer a good answer. The real answer is $1 more than what you will ever be sued for and no one knows that number.

A better answer today is "enough to keep the insurance company from writing a check to a plaintiff and walking away from the defense costs". You see, your liability policy includes defense "outside" of your limits. For example lets say you have 100/300/100 limits of liability and you run a red-light and cripple a young person just out of medical school. The ensuing lawsuit is for $3,000,000 and your insurance company would have to mount a defense that could cost them north of $100,000. They would have to pay that in addition to the $100,000 limit you purchased. If they didn't feel they had much of a case to defend, they could just write a check for $100,000 and walk away. That's called "tendering the limit of the policy". When they do that they no longer have a duty to defend you and you would have to then pay for your own defense. OUCH! I have actually seen this happen. As a matter of fact one of my carriers wrote a check for $500,000 to get out of the defense. That is why we recommend a minimum of $1,000,000 umbrella policy for those with enough assets to protect... Cost is just a few hundred dollars, but brings great protection to your assets.

Do I need Collision and Theft for my older car?

What you need to do in this case is determined by the current value at the date of loss or stolen. Then add the premium for this coverage to the deductible that you purchased (this will be your out of pocket before receiving any benefit) and subtract that number from the current value to determine if your cost makes sense to the benefit you will receive.. Let's say you have a car that today is worth $3000. The collision and theft premium is $150 and your deductible is $500. That means you will have $650 out of pocket to collect $2350 ($3000 less the deductible) and then, ONLY if you have an at fault accident, theft or hit by a hit and run. Now look at this in reverse. Would you pay $150 per year for a maximum benefit of $2350 only if one of the above happens? Personally I wouldn't.

What can I do to lower my costs?

First of all, buy larger deductibles. Insurance companies are like casinos... They bet you won't have a loss and you bet you will by paying the premium. They win most of the bets. Go into any major city. Whose names do you see on all the skyscrapers? They didn't build those on winners. So, I bet with the insurance companies and buy larger deductibles. After a few years I have saved the deductible anyway. I am willing to take a larger risk on the low end but never on the high end. I would rather take my savings from higher deductibles and use it to buy an umbrella liability policy to protect me from that big lawsuit.

I hope you give us an opportunity to earn your business. Please call us at 239-939-1010

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Car Insurance Personal Use

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