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Home Owners Insurance

Are you looking for a new home insurance policy or a replacement policy for your homeowners insurance? Yes, we understand that it's hard to know who to trust, how to get the lowest prices and at the same time make sure that you and your family are adequately protected.

Imagine how you would feel if you could deal with a company where each staff member was personally selected based not just on their knowledge, but also on their ability and willingness to treat you with the highest level of respect and to offer you the same advice they would offer a member of their family. At Tim Shaw Insurance, we do care about our clients and we will help answer all your questions, help you find the coverage that is right for you and your family while at the same time working to help keep your costs down.

I can tell you that this year we will have at least a dozen or so clients that will have a very devastating insurable event, and after it happens, not a single one will ask me "could I have bought that coverage cheaper?".. The first question they will ask is "Do I have coverage for this?" "Do I have enough or the right kind of coverage?" It might even be you this year, I pray that it's not, but you will feel much better knowing you got it right before the loss by doing business with us. Feel free to call us now at (239)939-1010. Meanwhile, we hope the following will make it easier for you to understand what a difference having the right insurance agent can make.

Also, we now can offer you a “Disappearing Hurricane Deductible.” After five years of not have a claim, your hurricane deductible is reduced to Zero.. CLICK HERE to see how it works.

Questions and Answers About Homeowners Insurance

Here are the most asked questions about homeowners insurance that our office answers.

What can I do to lower my home insurance premiums?

There are many options and endorsements that can be eliminated, coverage limits that can be reduced and deductibles that can be increased to get your premium lower. You have to be careful though, some of those things are very crucial so make sure you are dealing with a reputable agent or firm that you can trust that will put your interests over their own.

What discounts can I get to lower my premium?

First and foremost is to have an up to date wind mitigation inspection. They cost around $100 but can reduce your costs up to 48%. We have several vendors that we can refer you to and they can do same day inspections. Secondly, there are senior citizen discounts at age 55. Also, if you purchase flood insurance with the same company in many cases you can get up to 5% discount. These can all add up.

How does the Hurricane Deductible work?

It is a percentage deductible that is subtracted from your total loss from a NAMED HURRICANE. You can purchase as low as a 2% up to 10% of the amount of coverage on your home. For example, if you carry $300,000 of replacement cost coverage and carry a 2% deductible you would be required to pay the first $6000 of hurricane damage to your property. We now have a “Disappearing Hurricane Deductible.” CLICK HERE to see how it works.

Why is the Replacement Cost (insurable value) higher than what I paid for the home and lot combined?

Market values change according to the supply and demand and local economies. Replacement cost is the cost we would have to pay a builder to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. The insurance contract requires you to carry Replacement Cost Value as coverage to prevent co-insurance penalties in the event of partial loss and to have enough money to rebuild in the event of a total loss.

Do all insurance agents have my best interests at heart?

Absolutely Not! In a perfect world I would like to believe that all insurance agents put their client's interests ahead of their own. But the reality is we have bad apples in the insurance business just like every other business does. One agent may do their best to protect your family. Another may actually lie to you about the price of the insurance policy so that you sign up today (knowing full well you will get an adjustment in the mail later). The best advice we can offer is to go with an insurance agency where the agents are paid hourly, instead of commission. At Tim Shaw Insurance our agents are all hand picked, paid a good salary so when talking to you, there are no commissions to affect or cloud their thinking and advice. In other words, we encourage our agents to do what is best for you and they get paid even if you don't buy from us.

What are the dangers of buying the cheapest priced policy?

Buying insurance based on price alone, is like buying a car without checking to see if the brakes work. Yes, the price was great. You should be happy. But what happens if the unexpected happens and then you find that your brakes don't work? The danger of buying an insurance policy based on price alone is that in the event there is a fire, storm, tornado, hurricane, break-in, etc; the insurance you purchased may not cover all the damages. Depending on your financial situation you may not be able to repair or rebuild your home. So what if you saved a few dollars today only to find yourself without a home later.

What are the risks of buying the wrong kind of insurance?

There are specific types of insurance for specific types of risk. For example an insurance policy could cover fire but not wind. It could cover the replacement cost of your home but only used garage sale value of your contents. Do you really know what is covered or more importantly WHAT ISN"T covered? What you need most is an insurance agent who is willing to take the time to answer your questions about what isn't covered as well as what is. Once we know which coverage's are important to you and which ones are not, then we can go to the market for the best price. Most of us independent agents all represent the same companies anyway and we all use the same pricing... It cannot differ from agent to agent.

Please call us today and let us tailor build your policy. 239-939-1010

Home Owners Insurance FL
Home Owners Insurance

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