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Condo Insurance Naples FL

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Naples Condo Insurance
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Condo Insurance in Naples

Call 239-939-1010 for the friendliest agents in all of SW Florida and we also have some of the best rates and condo insurance packages available.

Below are some questions often asked of us about condo insurance?

Are you looking for a condo insurance quote for a new purchase or to replace a policy that you just received a major price increase on your renewal invoice?

It seems prices have been going up every year for the past several years and although I can give you statistics that can explain it, there is no question that some company's rates are so high because of the cost for their reinsurance premiums. So it pays to shop around, but it is also not safe out there.

I wish I could tell you that all agents in our area are honest but the fact is that simply isn't true. My best advice is to be sure that the agent you buy from doesn't rely on commissions for his pay check. Just ask him/her if they are paid by commission. Some of those commissioned agents will say anything and quote prices below reality just to get you to sign knowing full well you will get an increase in a couple of months. Oh yes, they will apologize and maybe even send you a $25 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, but you are then stuck with them at least for the remainder of the year. They are betting that by renewal time next year, you will have forgotten about it anyway and guess what, most of you do.

If you want to avoid that, here at Tim Shaw Insurance, our agents are all paid a good salary and no commissions. They get paid even if you don't buy from us, so they have no such motivation. We believe this is the best way to assure that our clients are getting truthful advice and accurate rates without selfish motivation. Yes, Tim Shaw Insurance gets paid a fair commission but we don't base our employees pay on how many policies they write. We are the exception to the rule out there.

We hope you choose to call us today at (239)939-1010. In the meantime, below find some commonly asked questions by our shoppers and clients.

What is the difference between a condo policy and a home policy?

A home policy insures the entire structure where the condo policy covers the inside walls and in, including your cabinets and all floor and ceiling coverings. Then it also covers your contents as a separate sub-limit. Most other coverage's are the same. The condo association has the master policy on the building.

How important is it to get the right Replacement Cost Value on my portion of the structure (inside my walls)?

When you purchased your condo, you signed a condo document that you promise to put the inside back in the original condition with like quality materials, whether or not you have insurance. So getting this right could have severe financial consequence after a severe loss.

Why can't I just buy contents coverage?

Because of your contractual agreement with your condo association to rebuild the inside walls, replace the cabinets and all other built ins and replace the paint, wallpaper, window treatments, carpet, tile etc. A contents only policy would not provide this Improvements and Betterments coverage you will need.

Why not call us today and let our experts advise you on how to tailor make your condo policy just for you. Call 239-939-1010

Condo Insurance Naples FL
Insurance in Naples FL
Naples Condo Insurance

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